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jungle fever

surprisingly chilly in texas! a photo of warmer times while in colombia. mossy steps at the lost city site.

original photo, july 2010



from colombia…i’m already dreaming up my next big adventure

original photo, july 2010

yellow fruit

when i was little and would travel to other countries, i’d always see unusual fruits in the marketplaces. colombia was no exception. nothing was more delicious and refreshing than a fresh jugo naturales hawked by the street vendors all over cartagena.

does anyone know what this is?

original photo, july 2010


coca leaves in colombia. yummers! just kidding.

original photo, july 2010


a french couple in their mid 50s playing tic tac toe after the super grueling day 3 of our colombian trek. they were so sweet and clearly still very much in love. i love these photos.

original photos, july 2010.

excerpt from original poem, published in the circus 2005.