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fall’s here!

a few snapshots from a lovely weekend upstate!

czech this out

prayers at st. vitus cathedral

i know. i couldn’t resist the pun. i have an embarrassing and compulsive urge to exploit every terrible pun i can wrap my tongue around. the less clever, the better. sort of like a compulsive need to utter “yo’ mama” after all inappropriate remarks, but i’d like to think with a slightly wittier edge.

although the photo above isn’t exactly illustrative of prague, i just really liked how it turned out. it was so crowded in the castle, and especially at st. vitus, the votives are a bit of a visual metaphor in the ezra pound imagist poetry kind of way.

The apparition of these faces in the crowd; 
Flickers on a stone altar. 

that was quite terrible, but i’m a bit jet-lagged in my defense — apologies ezra.

a few quick thoughts on prague. i think as i gather more cities under my belt, a phrase that literally derives from “to ingest”, the cities are becoming more and more blurred. aspects of one city triggers memories of another time and place and sensation. the sensation is a bit of what i would venture to describe as “magically real“. magical, like the proustian madeleine, where memory is unsure but so palpable it becomes real. or even magical, like the encircled buendía family tree. real because it is experienced, warped because it is remembered, and sensational because it is effervescent.

as an example, there are bits of london that trigger my memories of taipei and of new york. this last time in london it was a particular smell of wet stone streets that reminded me of a rainy day while walking around taipei. madison avenue actually also triggers memories of taipei. possibly taiwan has the strongest imprint on my memory due to spending so many summers and winters out there.

as for prague however, prague is where barcelona and the old city in cartagena got a little busy and a little pink(0). specifically in reference to prague and cartagena, the buildings are so brightly colored and so many of them have fantastic doorknobs in their ‘old cities’.  the castles however are where the similarities end and the barcelona qualities pick up — barri gòtic and its dark stones and spires.

in any case, memory is a tricky thing and prague was a lovely trip albeit incredibly exhausting. my feet are super sore still but at least pain has been easily dulled by a belly is full of delicious czech beer.

original photo, april 2012

clear eyes

taken from inside the car, somewhere in west texas.

original photo, december 2012



a few vintage postcards i picked up at a book fair while in barcelona…they’re mostly pictures of places that i haven’t been yet. but hopefully! will go back and visit someday.





the opposite of the piece in “a hard day’s night” post. approximately 2′ x 3′. my only regret is that it’s not 20′ x 30′.



original art, november 2011