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the apps

okay so i have for the longest time struggled with the idea of investing in a wide angle because i love landscape photography but haven’t quite gotten the [very expensive] right tools to optimize my photography for it. and then i was introduced to a slick photo app called photosynth. and really, it’s pretty handy for the on-the-go landscape.

this stodgy manual shooter may have just been converted to her first photo app…

a view from my first blue @stratton


west texas

I-40 iphoto from the car in the middle of a snowstorm…

hello new mexico

taos, a four letter word for steep

istanbul, love

long exposure hagia sophia, view from balcony. digital manipulation, stacked images.

references: ciaran tully’s new york, edgar degas’ ballet rehearsalbach french suite no. 3

On the Degas exhibit

“I remember a drawing that must have been of a dance rehearsal […] and I can tell you it was extremely beautiful: the muslin costumes were so diaphanous, and the movements so true to life that it has to be seen to be believed; it is just impossible to describe.

                                                                                                                                            Giuseppe De Nittis 1874

mixed mediums and memories

tools and textures: oil, arcylic, gamsol, sponge, brush, metal paint scraper, tissue

colors: blue, green, brown, red, purple, white, gold

references: cappadocia dawn, fairy chimneys, volcanoes, Chinese brush painting, Arabic & Chinese calligraphy, Cézanne’s Provence, and too many episodes of game of thrones.

note that the photo was difficult to take as it’s a bit dark where i paint so the lighting is misleading.