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the opposite of the piece in “a hard day’s night” post. approximately 2′ x 3′. my only regret is that it’s not 20′ x 30′.



original art, november 2011

the green one

a current work in progress due in november! i love the texture in the paint so far. the image is actually inspired by coffee and a very adventurous solo trek + minor hitchhiking experience to the mai po marshes in hong kong.



ai weiwei

2,000 layers of cotton cut and layered, a reference to China’s reputation for cheap clothing and textile labor.

one of the many really interesting and very provocative pieces by ai wei wei who has finally blurred too much according to the chinese government, the fine (if imagined) line between art and activism.

photo source: vwork


an old photo, learning how to fake tilt-shift photography. it actually just “shifts” the depth of field and gives it a slight toy-ish appearance.

experiment #1 with tilt-shift…to be continued!


a poor photo of an amazing site/sight. the potala palace in llhasa

original photo, november 2005