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This is how it begins


Air pressing out of a lung,

escapes nothing.

The tiniest of sounds,

rushes over a lip


nothing escapes.



first times

when this site was built, i was torn between adding music versus not. generally most people don’t like it…but i had a mini playlist that i thought might set a good mood for the site. the player was taken down awhile ago but i’m still a fan of that old playlist.

but how about one more time, with feeling & in order of previous appearance?


1. O.N.E., a Yeasayer x Gyptian remix by Telephoned


2. Comes Des Enfants remix by Le Matos Andy Carmichael 


3. The Strangest Thing, Clare Maguire, remix Bloodshy & Avant 


4. Skinny Love, Bon Iver, remix by Das Kapital Rerub 


5. Lovesong, Cure covered by Adele 


6. Still DRE, Dr. Dre vs JJ, remix by Hype Jones Love P* Kush 




country covers

a mellow country end to 2012. came across these covers by miss miley cyrus, not a fan of a lot of her pop stuff, but i can get behind this acoustic country style.


1. you’re gonna make me lonesome when you go, bob dylan (1975) 


2. jolene, dolly parton (1974)  


3. lilac wine, james shelton (1950) 


4. what have they done to my song ma, melanie safka (1971) 












why hello there.


skyler stonestreet, a little taste




wildest moments

i just picked up wild by cheryl strayed last weekend and it was such a fun read. i was getting a bit tired of my daily news dosage which has exploded thanks to my ipad (hello pulse, you crack dealing app of web news). which is a funny thing to think about, this self induced “noise” of news. there’s so much, there’s too much and the only way to drown it out is to read something full, lengthy, and wholly absorbing.

i stumbled upon cheryl after discovering a little piece on the revealing of the advice columnist sugar’s identity. i’m itching for a trek and the cabin fever is getting stronger and stronger. wild was a nice way of living vicariously via my morning and evening commute. of course there are many layers to the meaning of wild as many as there are to strayed. but i won’t go into those here.

as a quick plug, as it seems i’m given to writing book reviews more and more frequently…and strayed was such a pleasant way to start my mornings. very enjoyable and honest memoir. by honest, i’m not sure i’m choosing the right word. raw is a bit too strong, but she feels real. a type of real that exists between rawness and honesty and personal pain all mixed up in a memory. i wish i were more eloquent, but there is something genuine that i recognize in her grief. i think anyone who’s ever lost anyone close will know her and know what it feels to stray.




 it’s time, imagine dragon