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shortly¬†before entering into the colombian jungle…

original photo, july 2010


aren’t these emu eggs gorgeous? kind of curious what they taste like.

april 2007


from shilin night market in taipei. mmm!

original photo, november 2009.

yellow fruit

when i was little and would travel to other countries, i’d always see unusual fruits in the marketplaces. colombia was no exception. nothing was more delicious and refreshing than a fresh jugo naturales hawked by the street vendors all over cartagena.

does anyone know what this is?

original photo, july 2010

it’s alive!

went to flushing for korean food with some korean friends. i had no idea what was in store for me @ sik gaek. since i was the only non-korean i let them do the ordering. sure whatever you guys want.


that is a photo of my dinner. i have an iphone video but it’s too disturbing to post. i definitely was caught off-guard when the waiter came out with it and more than a little spooked when it started moving. i felt badly for the poor sucker but when in rome (or flushing?)…

iphone photo, august 2010