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just dessert

so. whole foods just opened up a few blocks away from me and i’ve been on a cooking frenzy. from pesto salsa salmon to thai honey glazed wings to some strawberry mascarpone tartlets. this might be a long and delicious fall coming up.

above is my latest effort. these fellows took awhile longer than i hoped. also, i got distracted by a call and left the crusts in the oven slightly longer than i’d have liked but all in all they’ve turned out pretty delicious. there’s a nice lemony creaminess to them and a very light strawberry-rum glaze. i should have sliced the strawberries prettier but it was getting late. i’ve got six of em’, who’s visiting?




a delicious thanks from a friend visiting new york recently. they were so pretty i had to take a picture…or two…or three…




cabin fever

sculpture is pretty much kicking my butt in the patience department. i know what i want, but it makes me work for it – slowly! meticulously! i’m glad i’m doing it, it’s a very different kind of mental challenge, and it will probably be a good 5 months before anything even remotely starts to take shape. that said, it doesn’t feel as fluid as a form of expression as painting because well, it’s not.

so in the meantime as cold weather creeps up on new york city and as i’m nervously watching the world series (go texas!), i’ve taken to cooking as more of a creative outlet. i approach cooking basically the same way i approach some paintings. only here, rather than see, i eat something i like and then i try to make it.

a less beautiful, but no less delicious apple tart with a rum-apricot glaze inspired by le pain quotidian below on the left.  on the right, a remake of a back forty’s brussels sprouts, apple, and bacon.



happy eats,








garden markers made by local elementary school children for the urban farm @battery park.


original photo, taken for the battery conservancy




original photo, june 2011