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out of touch


at the end of 2011, i did something silly. i joined a social media site because it looked so very pretty. i actually signed up in its earlier “exclusive” stages and had forgotten that i was a member. within 24 hours of remembering, i had a neatly arranged board of cool things. by cool things of course, i mean items that i felt were a reflection of not only who i am (as seen what by i peruse) but also who i’d like to be (as seen by things i’d like to do, see, or own).



in a quick glance you could easily see that i love bright patterns and bold colors in art, food, and every day items. that i coveted velvet loafers and have a soft spot for stylish grandmas.

and it was all so accurate and so disingenuous it was unbearable. disingenuous is a loaded word which i won’t bother unpacking here. but anyhow, it took all of a few seconds to post an item. i did absolutely no original work other than appropriate…and it made me sad.

so in less than 24 hours, i shut the whole thing down. that, and oh, the mother of all social media sites, too – facebook.

so here’s to 2012. to emails, phone calls, and perhaps even a letter or two.





j.ralph is a cool guy.


Staging Silence
from The July 16 on Vimeo.

by hans op de beeck


the concept of memory in public space first interested me back in the mid 90’s

while watching a pbs documentary on maya lin, the very young architect behind the highly controversial vietnam war memorial.

while this video doesn’t directly address the elements of collective memory

in the manner that memorials do, i found it to be a rather thought-provoking short

on public space, perception, and “collective memory” of the conscious and unconscious variety.

the full video is a bit longer, the artist’s site is here.


nowhere near here

Nowhere Near Here from Pahnl on Vimeo.

stop motion video street art
song is what else is there? by röyksopp

long exposure and light stencil