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animals before

animals 2


September 2014

ink and watercolor, 4 individual 6″ x 6″ pieces



acrylic, watercolor.

half of my heart

i’ve had the urge to paint something for awhile now but getting my butt to the art store and picking up new canvas/paper has been a bit of a hassle and somehow hasn’t quite been making my “to-do” list.

i have the luck of living right near a framing store and they happened to have this very nice, large frame (approx 40″ x 32″) ¬†hanging out for $20. i’m a sucker for a large frame, i’m not sure why that is but i love a great frame, and i love massive art. i think there’s something about something huge that makes you feel like you can be a part of the piece. it also if often a much more physically engaging act of creation.

the frame was just the motivation i needed to get myself in some painting shape. i’ve been wanting to put something up in my kitchen that was simple, striking, but also calming. i did a few quick searches for just watercolor/ink thinking that would be a good medium for this and i found this lovely artist Cynthia Camlin and her pieces on glaciers. i particularly liked this piece below entitled melted 10.

while i like the way she handles the paint, her use of color and her level of detail, i was just looking for something in the red-yellow family with the same sense of isolation, balance, and serenity. below is re-versioning of the piece above.

1. i began with a light pencil sketch outline¬†2. i decided to tackle the smaller mountain first 3. then the right mountain 4. then the below the surface stuff. it looks a little lumpy because this is still a very wet piece, and i didn’t have a lot of thick paper choices when looking for paper sized 42″ x 32″. this painting took approx 2-3 hours and is comprised of yellow, red, and blue. there may be additional color added but we’ll see.

original art, september 2011


done as a gift for a friend.

original art, april 2010

woman abstract

watercolor, woman in pieces

original art, april 2011