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picstitch (4)

color: phthalo green blue turquois

medium (clockwise from top): glass, acrylic on paper, acrylic on raw canvas, acrylic on primed canvas

paint dry

While waiting for paint to dry on Brandon No. 2, I did some sketching for fun from a photo of a bouquet from my friend’s recent wedding in New Hampshire. It’s not great, as I only had one charcoal pencil and no sharpener but it was good practice!picstitch (1)

Brandon No. 2


Brandon No. 2
3′ x 3’acrylic on canvas, completed 10.21.2014

photo (14)

Close ups of Brandon No.2

This is the second painting of an acrylic series studying light and depth perception within a color family. Unfortunately, I’ve had a really tough time documenting these paintings due to poor lighting! The “white’ at the top is misleading and due to glare by light from above.  I’ll be adding more family members, once canvases go on sale again! the colors really take on their own emotional aspects through that, plays on the concept of seeing. My goal is to explore the emotional relationship with color, given that each canvas’s color range will possess the same light to dark range but already these two Brandons “feel” quite different!




Brandon No.1 

3′ x 3′ acrylic on canvas, completed 9.16.2014




animals before

animals 2


September 2014

ink and watercolor, 4 individual 6″ x 6″ pieces