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in really wonderful news, Brandon No. 1 won the red dot award in its recent stint at the Phyllis Harriman Mason gallery class showings.

hip hip hooray!


Brandon No. 1
acrylic on canvas 3′ x 3′


oh the places you’ll go

packing for bolivian altiplano winter, chilean summer: snow, desert, mountains, forests, and beach.

photo (4)

play it again

photo 2 (4)


variations on a theme. green on vinyl.

still life squared


pears in progress
photo 1 (5)


1. rough sketch with shape and light

2. stronger contrast

3. worked on the texture inside the pear itself

4. (not shown) worked on the shadows at the base of the pear


finding the light

photo 1 (4)


variations on a theme. additional work done in the color / light direction but this time testing out new materials. this piece is intended to be either backlit or viewed with a changing light source. it is acrylic and plastic.