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this was an experiment in mixing new mediums. it is a woman in pieces.

the mediums used were japanese ink, oil pastel, and turpenoid.

the effect is watercolor-esque, but up close there is much more texture

in the color than you could have with watercolors.

original art, april 2011

spring in nyc

another cloudy day

original painting, september 2011


















started with the color blue, then grew increasingly obsessed with this dabbing,

texturing technique…and somehow ended up with clouds.

original art, september 2010


a fun still life, done with brush and this metal scraper tool. also part of my white space experiment.

original painting, september 2010



































this 3′ x 5′ was done in many parts. this painting began with a deep blue almost 3d explosion of petals across the entire canvas which was in and of itself a pretty cool painting (regret not documenting it). the circular texture comes from this first layer.

the second layer was a green and red with a vertical brushstroke over the blue. layers of red and yellow were then added with only turpenoid as the only mixer so as these layers were added, the color was being stripped down to expose the layers below.

after blending the top layers, i went over the painting with wide rough strokes of bright color. the cloud/landmass was added and shaded. and finally gold was added to top it off.

the top photo has light from my window on it to give you a sense of its matte appearance. the second photo shows how in different lighting, the gold layer actually picks up light (the paint is dry to the touch so this is not wet shine), and the final photo shows the gold splatter and cloud.


original painting, september 2010