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mixed mediums and memories

tools and textures: oil, arcylic, gamsol, sponge, brush, metal paint scraper, tissue

colors: blue, green, brown, red, purple, white, gold

references: cappadocia dawn, fairy chimneys, volcanoes, Chinese brush painting, Arabic & Chinese calligraphy, C√©zanne’s Provence, and too many episodes of game of thrones.

note that the photo was difficult to take as it’s a bit dark where i paint so the lighting is misleading.


the opposite of the piece in “a hard day’s night” post. approximately 2′ x 3′. my only regret is that it’s not 20′ x 30′.



original art, november 2011

the green one

a current work in progress due in november! i love the texture in the paint so far. the image is actually inspired by coffee and a very adventurous solo trek + minor hitchhiking experience to the mai po marshes in hong kong.




a close up of a torso done with pastel, ink, and turpenoid


original art, may 2011

a hard day’s night

done with oil, cotton balls, and brush.
this was actually a painting that was done after a stressful day at work and was completed within several hours.

original painting, october 2007