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this was an experiment in mixing new mediums. it is a woman in pieces.

the mediums used were japanese ink, oil pastel, and turpenoid.

the effect is watercolor-esque, but up close there is much more texture

in the color than you could have with watercolors.

original art, april 2011


image on the right is one that i painted as a gift. it was based on the image on the left, after a search for borges and imaginary beings.

my version looks a bit smooshed, like he might be moving speedily along. this is unfortunate since i imagine the bahamut to be a rather lazy, slow moving fellow.

i did a freehand sketch with a #2 pencil while looking at my laptop. after the pencil sketch, i used a pilot precise v5 pen to trace over the pencil and then erased the pencil. i followed up with some watercolor. the whole process took about 2 hours from start to finish.

original painting is done by marina korenfeld

september 2007


Staging Silence
from The July 16 on Vimeo.

by hans op de beeck


the concept of memory in public space first interested me back in the mid 90’s

while watching a pbs documentary on maya lin, the very young architect behind the highly controversial vietnam war memorial.

while this video doesn’t directly address the elements of collective memory

in the manner that memorials do, i found it to be a rather thought-provoking short

on public space, perception, and “collective memory” of the conscious and unconscious variety.

the full video is a bit longer, the artist’s site is here.



first heard about JR through this article.
i love the scale and the message of his work.

nowhere near here

Nowhere Near Here from Pahnl on Vimeo.

stop motion video street art
song is what else is there? by röyksopp

long exposure and light stencil