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a super cool firm doing visually amazing work.


KHD SYMPHONY IN RED from Sehsucht™ on Vimeo.


from scratch

so i have a pet rock. she’s about 30lbs of solid limestone, likely salvaged from a construction site and she’s quite the hefty beast. meet my pet rock!

this is a photo taken after day 2 of class. basically i was trying to get rid of about the outer 1/8″ layer of the rock which tends to be a little more fragile and weak anyhow. you can see my use of the chisels across what was previously a smooth surface.

the class is 3 hours of standing and hammering away at this rock. it’s pretty physical, a little more than i had anticipated. i actually switch hammering arms frequently, stretch, and take water breaks. sculpture also is an art form that demands some serious patience because the payoff, if it comes, likely won’t come until many months from now.

while many sculptors will create a model first, typically out of clay, i’ve opted to try the direct carving method. this involves simply working with the stone until an image emerges, pretty much my approach to most art and craft forms. i like the aspect of not quite knowing what’s coming next but also working with what seems to fit in the moment.

after much of the left photo below, i’m only at that (the right photo below)


for now, it looks like a woman sitting with her knees at her chest. but we’ll see….

limes and lemons

i’ve been pretty terrible in updating lately. it’s been a hectic summer and i’m closing out the warm weather season appropriately with a cold and a sunburn. nothing like an excellent us open men’s quarter finals with cough drops, wine, and a farmer’s tan.

last week was the first week of class which is always exciting. for me, fall always signals a beginning. so many years later, i still can’t break the habit of the academic year. by class of course i mean my new sculpting class. i actually was deceived by the class summary and had enrolled in what i thought was a wood, stone, and clay sculpting course that turned out to be “clay only“. luckily there was another class open at the same time that focuses on wood and stone only!

strangely, i have no interest in clay. i think the physicality of working with stone is more interesting to me. for some reason, clay connotes “molding” to me while stone is sculpting and wood is carving. i didn’t realize the verbs were interchangeable with the elements but i guess so? funny enough, the clay class was almost all women while the stone and wood class was almost all men.

before i can even begin chipping away at my 30lb block of limestone, i have to sketch out a plan. i’ve spent so much time in the 2D world and trying to convey depth or gesture from only one perspective that sketching out what amounts of a 3D map of a figure is very unusual for me. i’ve never given much thought to the idea of drawing the same object/pose from various perspectives, and it’s tough!

just picked up my new tools, below you see a hammer and 3 types of chisels (from left to right: flat, point, tooth). i also had to pick up a sandbag, some safety goggles (apparently stone chips in your eye is very common), and a mask (so not to inhale all the particles).


a close up of a torso done with pastel, ink, and turpenoid


original art, may 2011














an olek “croquet graffiti” piece?

maiden lane nr. gold street

march 2011