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waxing lilies


as a part of the encaustic workshop, i actually attempted to see if i could create a brandon-esque (see previous acrylic painting series) piece using wax. it ended up being quite a bit more tricky with controlling the temperature and thickness and transparency than i anticipated so i shifted gears and moved into some mild 3d sculpting.

below is a little piece that’s still in progress and requires a bit more tempering, but its idea is quite evident. it’s a happy little piece that started with a wonderful blue and clear base that built up into what i’m calling a lily pond. each individual petal is constructed from drips of wax, like tiny wax crepes which I peel off and promptly mold while still warm. here are 3 shots of the piece, collaged from different angles.

photo (5)

the lily pond

encaustic on a 10″ x 10″ board (in progress)

wax on, wax off

tried out a little encaustic during a weekend workshop with deborah winiarski. it was lots of fun to work with beeswax and heat. did a little rothko inspired piece here with beeswax, charcoal, oil stick, and oil paint. i was interested in taking her workshop and working with wax due to the way that the way this medium carries light through a piece and creates a sense of multi-dimensionality.





“red” encaustic, 10″ x 10″

march 2015

play it again

photo 2 (4)


variations on a theme. green on vinyl.

finding the light

photo 1 (4)


variations on a theme. additional work done in the color / light direction but this time testing out new materials. this piece is intended to be either backlit or viewed with a changing light source. it is acrylic and plastic.

year in the making

a few snaps of a collage that i’ve been working on for about a year. it’s a bit stuck right now and going through a scraping. gold paper, white thread, blue tissue, and some japanese ink. i’m unraveling the layers now with an x-acto knife, painful, slow, and plenty messy.

this marks one of my first ventures, in a long time, into materials. it’s been a challenge.