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i decided to try my hand at a portrait. because the eye is so accustomed to looking at faces, it can immediately discern when something is “off”. for instance, what detracts from this drawing is that the nose is too long.

some artists are sticklers for proportionality and sketch out “gridlines” for the face. ¬†because i’m lazy, i eyeballed it hence the miscalculation.

the eyes i found especially challenging. how an eye is constructed, the rim, iris, the pupil, the lid, is conceptually concrete. to draw with that idea in mind however, is to cartoon. rather, it is far more realistic to simply suggest an eye. by positioning shadows and light properly i only need to hint that there is an eye there and your mind will fill in the blanks. drawing an eye is not the same as seeing an eye.

charcoal on newsprint.

original art, february 2010