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invisible man

photo 2 (5)

photo (2)

in progress piece of eric garner in life and death done with charcoal and pencil.


still life squared


pears in progress
photo 1 (5)


1. rough sketch with shape and light

2. stronger contrast

3. worked on the texture inside the pear itself

4. (not shown) worked on the shadows at the base of the pear


and action

this is actually a series of four one-minute poses done with a plastic coffee stirrer, toothpick, and 000 brush using sumi-e ink (photo 1) and watercolor (photo 2) on 170 lb 12″ x 16″ paper.

the (warm) orange and the (cool) blue is purposefully shaded inconsistently because i was curious as to how it would look if i switched up the typical associations of “dark” and “light”

original art, january 2011


charcoal on paper with a focus on line and geometry. also, visual experimentation with framing and background.

clockwise from top left

1. lines with shading, figure is in space
2. introduction of a background, anchor figure
3. add hand and foot for counterbalance
4. definition of the bum, fill in background

original art, january 2011


this actually is a sketch of a previous photo. i really liked this detail, unfortunately the photo didn’t actually capture everything so the right section of this sketch is imagined.

as is clearly my habit of sketching without measuring, i fudged the curves and shadows. it’s quite clearly off but it was a fun relatively quick exercise in still life sketching. the outer courtyard is completely wrong.

i think i actually got a little lost in the detail and shifted pov’s somewhere between the photo and the sketch, help!

original art, december 2009