Some things we do because,
others instead.

The result of action
and inaction is not
any less confounding
than that Chicken
who laid that Egg
who became that other
Chicken. Suddenly,
there’s a whole lot.
A whole new hen,
and hens
running afoul,
the rooster and the cock.



animals before

animals 2


September 2014

ink and watercolor, 4 individual 6″ x 6″ pieces

akko nyc

acrylic city, memories of akko, israel and okashi in hand.

A Lark


A few of my favorite images excerpted from the Collected Poems of Philip


Where has the tree gone, that locked
Earth to the sky?


To a Very Slow Air

The cloven hills are kneeling
the sun such an anointment


I am washed upon a rock

A lonely cloud drifts in the sky.
I dread its indecision.



Your mind lay open like a drawer of knifes


No Road

To watch that world come up like a cold sun

Next, Please

A huge and birdless silence

Home is so Sad

That vase.

If grief could burn out

Heart lies impotent



pura vida


a lovely end to a  beautiful day full of surf, sand, snorkel and coconuts!

august 2013