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finding the light

  variations on a theme. additional work done in the color / light direction but this time testing out new materials. this piece is intended to be either backlit or viewed with a changing light source. it is acrylic and plastic.

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color: phthalo green blue turquois medium (clockwise from top): glass, acrylic on paper, acrylic on raw canvas, acrylic on primed canvas

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paint dry

While waiting for paint to dry on Brandon No. 2, I did some sketching for fun from a photo of a bouquet from my friend’s recent wedding in New Hampshire. It’s not great, as I only had one charcoal pencil and no sharpener but it was good practice!

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Brandon No. 2

  Brandon No. 2 3′ x 3’acrylic on canvas, completed 10.21.2014 Close ups of Brandon No.2 This is the second painting of an acrylic series studying light and depth perception within a color family. Unfortunately, I’ve had a really tough time documenting these paintings due to poor lighting! The “white’ at the top is misleading […]

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  Brandon No.1  3′ x 3′ acrylic on canvas, completed 9.16.2014  

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