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welcome! this is a personal website where i have gathered memories of the places i’ve been, images and details of the things I’ve created, and also items of current interest. i will do my best to update as i create or as i “adventure”. the site is named thedebbyexperiment in honor of my first drawing class where my instructor encouraged the trying out of new mediums as a way to challenge her students’ creative process.

although i did have very precocious museum debut in the first grade (thank you first grade art teacher), i had neither studied nor practiced art in any formal capacity. only after moving to new york and working for a few years as a trader  trapped with spreadsheets and glowing screens all 24/7 did i realize i needed a creative outlet!

when i’m not busy building financial platforms or laying out new project ideas, i love to sample creative mediums and take art classes on the side. i create and experiment because it’s fun. learning for me isn’t about acquiring a new fact so much as a new process — and really, a new perspective at that.

i do hope you enjoy your time on this site as much as i’ve enjoyed learning how to make it!  got comments or questions? email me at debby@thedebbyexperiment.com.