first times

when this site was built, i was torn between adding music versus not. generally most people don’t like it…but i had a mini playlist that i thought might set a good mood for the site. the player was taken down awhile ago but i’m still a fan of that old playlist.

but how about one more time, with feeling & in order of previous appearance?


1. O.N.E., a Yeasayer x Gyptian remix by Telephoned


2. Comes Des Enfants remix by Le Matos Andy Carmichael 


3. The Strangest Thing, Clare Maguire, remix Bloodshy & Avant 


4. Skinny Love, Bon Iver, remix by Das Kapital Rerub 


5. Lovesong, Cure covered by Adele 


6. Still DRE, Dr. Dre vs JJ, remix by Hype Jones Love P* Kush 




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