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I spend so much time reading about tech, science, and startups every day (thank you two hour commute!) that I’d like to throw in my two cents now. I’ve kept my comments offline because there are a million tech bloggers out there and who needs another one? But never fear, my comments will be here.

For the next few posts, I’ll test out a new approach to the old blog – my comments on tech trends or just observations as they intersect with my daily life. Ego-centric much? Never!

So, as a liberal arts grad (yes! we’re employable!) who straddles the finance, tech, and product world, I’m going to write from the “humanities” and business perspective. Also, as someone who believes in privacy and the inherent value of face to face interaction as well as contemplative alone time – you’ll get a nice stodgy secret old lady’s  perspective.

So welcome to yet another debbyexperiment!

Part I: I need (you) to know where I am 


The identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar, mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal.

-Foursquare and Opentable just teamed up. I’m not much of a foursquare user (okay, not at all) but I’m a big fan of OpenTable. This sounds like a great partnership and I look forward to seeing what happens next in their venture.

-Gaming out. I met Pota-toss awhile back. I get that there’s a lot of a hype around their gorgeous graphics and yes, they are gorgeous, but I’m not convinced I need a game to be geolocated unless I’m partner playing. And then, I’m not sure that’s the right use case for the game. Don’t we play games to “escape” more or less? I can see the novelty of playing “in my location” wearing out quickly unless the game offers some kind of additional discovery of things in my city I never would have known otherwise…

Seemed like a great team, two guys, computer whizzes with great graphic design skillz – however Pota-toss looked a bit too much angry birds with a tubular twist for me.

-News Now. It’s official; most people consume news via mobile and social. And while I’m absolutely a data point in this, it’s too bad. I think there’s been a rush to be the first at the cost of being accurate. News is going super local, and being usurped by on the ground tweeters and updaters. Let’s not forget that great journalism is still valuable and unfortunately becoming increasingly rare as we clamber for speed. (Note, that I mean great as a combination of story curation, writing clarity, style,  and factual accuracy). It’s pretty interesting how journalists have increasingly relied on social media for…inspiration.

-Date me! These apps that consolidate publicly information about you (fb, twitter, linkedin, etc) with geolocation features super freak me out. Why someone wants to broadcast details like this plus where you are — that sounds like a bad idea all around. Advertising your availability seems so…well…

I totally get where this may be a great idea — can you imagine if businesses and local shops got it together enough to know their clientele as they walked into their stores? It’d be like Minority Report shopping. Brilliant, creepy. Although physical stores haven’t quite seemed to go in this direction quite yet, airlines are getting closer.

Til next time.


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