oh my god


bartholomew by the silent comedy 


totally interested in seeing this history channel special on the hatfield-mcCoy feud when it comes out. saw the preview for it and fell for the sound of it.  as a texan, i love a good country song. alright, i confess i love me a good and many a bad country song. i’ve accepted i’ll never quite be hipster cool when it comes to my music tastes and you know what? i think that’s okay. as a kid who threw in line-dancing in between fencing and racquetball at summer camp, kenny, garth, and george, ya’ll are alright with me.

i’m also a huge sucker for a country/rock/blues mix. i’m not sure what you’d call this genre or intersection, but it’s awesome. it’s like audio crack. i can’t get enough. a great beat, some piano and guitar thrown in, and a gravel-edged voice .bam. bam. man. down.

i will say for the h8ers out there, country covers a wide range of sound. check out the soundtrack to the western 3:10 to yuma remake,  it’s one of my favorites. right up there next to my love for the in the mood for love soundtrack.

and while i’m on the tv country soundtrack ‘track’ here’s the hbo true blood opener with the awesome solos (@1:07/1:59). enjoy!

bad things by jace everett

[audio http://www.gandalf23.com/mp3z/Jace%20Everett%20-%20Bad%20Things.mp3]

and one more for good measure…

barton hollow by the civil wars

[audio http://loudfeed.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/21873/Barton_Hollow.mp3]






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