i have a tough time with posts. it’s not for the lack of things to talk about, it’s the curation of content. this blog was originally intended to support an ever expanding art and the photos section. but frankly, i’m all art-ed out for now. and that’s okay, sometimes it happens. frustration is just part of the process and right now, i’m shifting gears.

between snowboarding and tennis these past few weeks, i’m shaking up how i think by changing what i do. i’m reading more books and cycling back to my literature roots. i’ve noticed that i’m pretty habitual in the things i enjoy: painting/piano, fiction/non-fiction, swimming/new sport. right now, i’m kind of in mental bucket 3. which is great for being healthy, but not so interesting as a blog update.

in the meantime, it seems that some folks are irritated they can’t spy on me via facebook anymore. what i’m up to and the like. oh facebook, you unhealthy obsession for a billion everywhere. but tell you what friendly stalkers, i’ll do you one better. this blog, for a short while will just feature the things i think about. because my head is a weird space. usually i prefer to avoid writing up my opinions on things — mostly because i don’t want to stifle anyone’s reaction to content that i find interesting. but no more!

until the paintbrush or camera is back in my hands…beware the rabbit hole.


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