i just heard the saddest bit of news. well alright, saddest is an exaggeration. but, upsetting nonetheless. encyclopaedia britannica will no longer be printed on paper.

i know, i know this is great news for trees and environmentalists everywhere. i’m not sure why i love paper so much, but i’m still unconvinced that kindles and ereaders are the best way of digesting good reads. i do think electronic viewing is fantastic for portability and volume. and if that encourages someone to read who otherwise wouldn’t have than by all means, please.

but as someone who has a history of maxing out her library card (25’s the limit!). i really love a good library. it’s an adventure where you never quite know what you might come out with. a search bar and trending topic list isn’t quite the same.

i can’t explain my old school tendencies but i think there’s something intangible but valuable in holding printed pages in my hands. there’s a different kind of interaction and discovery process that occurs with going to the library and browsing the shelves. a different kind of surprise whenever you flip through pages or start in the middle or end. i feel that there’s a loss of spontaneity with the online reliance. that there is less discovery of the stumbled upon and more of the crowd curated¬†best of¬†kind. i don’t believe that one is better than the other, but i do feel that the loss of the former is a bit disturbing. i’m not sure most people even realize how the way we interact with reading material is changing or stop to question how that changes what we’re reading.


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