out of touch


at the end of 2011, i did something silly. i joined a social media site because it looked so very pretty. i actually signed up in its earlier “exclusive” stages and had forgotten that i was a member.¬†within 24 hours of remembering, i had a neatly arranged board of cool things. by cool things of course, i mean items that i felt were a reflection of not only who i am (as seen what by i peruse) but also who i’d like to be (as seen by things i’d like to do, see, or own).



in a quick glance you could easily see that i love bright patterns and bold colors in art, food, and every day items. that i coveted velvet loafers and have a soft spot for stylish grandmas.

and it was all so accurate and so disingenuous it was unbearable. disingenuous is a loaded word which i won’t bother unpacking here. but anyhow, it took all of a few seconds to post an item. i did absolutely no original work other than appropriate…and it made me sad.

so in less than 24 hours, i shut the whole thing down. that, and oh, the mother of all social media sites, too – facebook.

so here’s to 2012. to emails, phone calls, and perhaps even a letter or two.



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