limes and lemons

i’ve been pretty terrible in updating lately. it’s been a hectic summer and i’m closing out the warm weather season appropriately with a cold and a sunburn. nothing like an excellent us open men’s quarter finals with cough drops, wine, and a farmer’s tan.

last week was the first week of class which is always exciting. for me, fall always signals a beginning. so many years later, i still can’t break the habit of the academic year. by class of course i mean my new sculpting class. i actually was deceived by the class summary and had enrolled in what i thought was a wood, stone, and clay sculpting course that turned out to be “clay only“. luckily there was another class open at the same time that focuses on wood and stone only!

strangely, i have no interest in clay. i think the physicality of working with stone is more interesting to me. for some reason, clay connotes “molding” to me while stone is sculpting and wood is carving. i didn’t realize the verbs were interchangeable with the elements but i guess so? funny enough, the clay class was almost all women while the stone and wood class was almost all men.

before i can even begin chipping away at my 30lb block of limestone, i have to sketch out a plan. i’ve spent so much time in the 2D world and trying to convey depth or gesture from only one perspective that sketching out what amounts of a 3D map of a figure is very unusual for me. i’ve never given much thought to the idea of drawing the same object/pose from various perspectives, and it’s tough!

just picked up my new tools, below you see a hammer and 3 types of chisels (from left to right: flat, point, tooth). i also had to pick up a sandbag, some safety goggles (apparently stone chips in your eye is very common), and a mask (so not to inhale all the particles).

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