from scratch

so i have a pet rock. she’s about 30lbs of solid limestone, likely salvaged from a construction site and she’s quite the hefty beast. meet my pet rock!

this is a photo taken after day 2 of class. basically i was trying to get rid of about the outer 1/8″ layer of the rock which tends to be a little more fragile and weak anyhow. you can see my use of the chisels across what was previously a smooth surface.

the class is 3 hours of standing and hammering away at this rock. it’s pretty physical, a little more than i had anticipated. i actually switch hammering arms frequently, stretch, and take water breaks. sculpture also is an art form that demands some serious patience because the payoff, if it comes, likely won’t come until many months from now.

while many sculptors will create a model first, typically out of clay, i’ve opted to try the direct carving method. this involves simply working with the stone until an image emerges, pretty much my approach to most art and craft forms. i like the aspect of not quite knowing what’s coming next but also working with what seems to fit in the moment.

after much of the left photo below, i’m only at that (the right photo below)


for now, it looks like a woman sitting with her knees at her chest. but we’ll see….

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