unfinished business

this past weekend the joke somehow came up that i should invent business cards with the slogan: “i don’t do ugly!”

just for kicks, i put together a quick front and back shot of a hypothetical business card. all of this was done using just powerpoint as my current macbook has a dead battery! so no photoshop and indesign for me right now. this isn’t particularly well-done and the message is confusing, but given that it only took an hour or so, it’s not too shabby! i looked up the standard size of business cards in america (3.5″ x 2″) and simply scaled up in order to design the card. the images are outlined in black because it’s tough to see white on white. behold, the powers of powerpoint!


(comment1: this front is too cluttered to handle the back as it currently is. it’s a pretty “top-heavy” card and the styles are very different from each other. in order to support so much text on one side of the card, the back would likely need to be the total inverse in color i.e. solid magenta with white font and minimal text to balance the card out. although, perhaps if the major text was all in gray it would match better hmm… i do however, like that this is pretty much a resume built into a card — a sneaky way of self-advertising!)


(comment2: took a screenshot of one of my favorite paintings, really love how simple it is as a card. struggled with discerning the appropriate amount of contact information since clearly this kind of card would require a very limited amount of details)


original design and layout, august 2011

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