summer reading list

this summer has been a bit more reading and a lot less travel and art than last summer. last summer i had a fantastic time volunteer-teaching a watercolor class with some feisty grandmas, a rather life-changing trek through the colombian wilderness, and an eye-opening time at an internet start-up. this year, i’ve had a different kind of satisfying summer of discovery, the bookish kind.

here’s a quick snapshot of the things i’ve read and a few of my thoughts on each.

on china henry kissinger
very lucidly written, reminded me of spence quite a bit only more condensed. he lays out the argument for the real politik approach quite convincingly as a diplomatic strategy with china. very sensitive when it comes to understanding politics within the realm of culture.

my father’s tears john updike
very beautiful prose. see previous comments. heart him.

gilead maryilynne robinson
i had actually tried several times before to read this book, but i had difficulty getting past the opener. while i appreciate the narrative’s overtly christian perspective, it came across as a little too sanitized– a little too good.

stories from a ming collection translation cyril birch
super funny, incredibly engaging, and bite-sized. the morals and the plots are rather outrageous. a chinese canterbury tales?

no exit and three other plays jean-paul satre
dark, funny, who knew existentialism was this hilarious? enjoyed this much more than the plague, but it might be too soon to take sides in that rivalry.

change by design tim brown
engaging in a gladwellian sort of way, great concepts though a bit heavy on the anecdotes.

born to run christopher mcdougall
so good! very fun read, has certainly piqued my interest in running barefoot and the tarahumara.

i also briefly attempted to read ficciones by borges but it required too much thinking on my morning commute — will need to save this for a quiet evening or a vacation…preferably in south america…


will return to more photos of artwork soon! i’ve enrolled in a fall sculpture course, and i’m very excited to work in 3D!



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