this from a lesson in how we see color and interpret lightness and darkness. try selecting 10 colors at
random and ordering them from light to dark. it’s a simple task request that i found quite difficult. you can
see in the top left how i struggled with the red-blue, pink-yellow relationship. although red is a warm color
it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a lighter color than the cool blue.

typically, when working with charcoal you are using intensity to convey depth. it is one color used with
greater or lesser force. when working with color to convey depth however, things get a little more fluid.
for example, in the sphere above the colors go from purple, red, blue, green, yellow-green, orange, and pink.
is pink lighter than yellow-green? that’s a tough call. does the ¬†yellow-green band distort or ruin
the overall effect of a sphere? does the blue, orange, and purple shadow confuse the image?
with color, expressing light and dark relationships becomes not about force but order.


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